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Unit 1: From Austrian Corporal to German Chancellor - Hitler 1918 to 1933.

In this introductory unit we will examine how Hitler rose from obscurity in 1918 to become the sole leader of Germany in 1933. We will explore factors that influenced his world vision and his plans for a new Germany, and explain what Hitler's appeal was to millions of ordinary Germans.

Unit 2: The Nazi Consolidation of Power - 1933 to 1934.

In unit 2 we will explore and evaluate the methods Hitler and the Nazis used in order to consolidate their power. This will include exploring how Hitler came to power in January 1933 Nazi ideology in 1933, the promotion of positive and negative stereotypes. the use of terror, compromise, legal...

Unit 3: Nazi Propaganda and Mass Indoctrination.

In unit 3 we will examine how the Nazis used propaganda and mass indoctrination arguably more successfully than any other political organisation in History. Topics will include: the use of public spectacle - The Nuremburg Rallies and the 1934 Triumph of Will. the use of the media, culture and...

Unit 4: Nazi Organisation and Coordination of Society

In this unit we will examine how the Fuhrer State was organised in order to create the Nazi Dictatorship. We will explore how the Nazis targeted specific groups and brainwashed, intimidated, manipulated, or eliminated them in order to create their "Volksgemeinschaft".  Topics...

Unit 5: Impact of War on the German People

In the final unit we will investigate how war impacted on the German People and their support for the Nazis and Hitler. This will take place in two parts: the period of unlimited conquest and victory 1939 - 41 and the period of defeat and destruction 1942 - 45. Topics will include: 1939 - 41: the...


In this area you will find information, help and useful links for your preparation and revision. https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/Nazi%20Germany.htm - broad area of useful material on the Nazi State https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL38371CA42C4F877C - a You Tube playlist about...

Revision Quizzes


https://getkahoot.com/ - this will take you to the site so you can set up and create your own quizzes.   https://create.kahoot.it/?_ga=1.13077047.1484176805.1427293794#quiz/41d31b7e-29d2-462a-bae8-4fecaf6bbca3 - Thew consolidation of power and the appearance of moderation.

Connect 4

https://www.classtools.net/connect/201504_Z9kFfV - Consolidation of Power  


https://www.socrative.com/   Create a free account. Use the account to make revision quizzes for the rest of us to use. We can try them out in class. Tip - use an exam question to provide the focus for the quiz.


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Berlin Trip

14/10/2014 09:25
The trip to Berlin is being finalised. This will be of enormous benefit for anyone studying "Life...

Poll Added

18/09/2014 12:30
Can you complete the Poll on the bottom the site's homepage. It will provide important feedback...

Pilot Using Audio Teacher Feedback

10/09/2014 11:39
We are experimenting with using audio feedback to support the learning of some pilot groups in Year...

Essay Competition

09/09/2014 09:51
Win yourself a share of £500 and some much needed credibility by entering Christ College...

Remaining Revsion Electives

29/04/2014 13:01
These are the planned revision electives for the Life in Nazi Germany unit: Wednesday 14th May -...

AS HIstory Easter Workshop

25/04/2014 12:56
17 students attended the workshop focusing on exam skills. Students were given basic pitfalls to...

Overview of the remainder of the course

18/03/2014 12:30
Attached below is a lesson by lesson overview of what we will cover in the remainder of the...

Dates of Revision Workshops

18/03/2014 11:57
Two revision workshops have been agreed upon: Friday 25th April - Easter Workshop 10am -...


03/03/2014 07:34
Images of the Post 16 trip to the Nazi Murder Camp - Auschwitz have been uploaded to the...

Using Quotes and Referencing

21/02/2014 14:03
Here you can find the House Carousel presentation on moving from describing to explaining by using...
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January 2015 Mock Exam

Here is the mock exam that you will complete on January 21st. Mock AS History exam paper.docx (35335)

Unit 2 Hitler's Consoildation of Power Assessment

The assessment is now live. The essay is due Wednesday 15th October (or before). Exam board mark scheme..docx (36516) ‘The elimination of the S.A. was the most important factor in Hitler’s consolidation of power between March 1933 and August 1934.’   Explain why you agree or disagree with...

Homework - October 1st

The homework task from the lesson on the "Night of the Long Knives" can be found below: Night of the Long Knives.docx (13555) It is due Friday 3rd October

Teacher Feedback Pilot

To access your online audio feedback please click on the link below and log in using the user name and password provided to you by your teacher.   https://www.teacherfeedback.co.uk/   If you have any issues with logging in, listening to your feedback or any other technical problems,...

Final Exam

The final exam date for AQA HIS2M - Life in Nazi Germany is THURSDAY 22nd MAY. Are you revising? Do you know where to get help? Past papers? Do you know the time of electives? Do you know when the Easter Revision Workshop is?   Friday 25th April 10am - Easter Revision Workshop. Saturday 17th...

Kershaw's View on Volksgemeinschaft

Here you will find the Challenge Sheet and the Success Rubric I will be using for the assessment: Deadline is Tuesday 18th March. Volksgemeinschaft Learning Challenge A3 Sheet.docx (148418) Volksgemeinschaft SOLO assess rubric.docx (54613)   The exam question assessment is: "How successful...

The Nazis and the Church in Germany Challenge

Here is the challenge sheet for your assessed presentation on the Nazis and the Church. The presentations will be delivered on Tuesday 4th February Period 5. I will be available after school in F19 on Monday 3rd Feb for an elective is students need additional feedback or support.Nazi Churches...

Learning Challenge Nov 7th - Nov 19th

This learning challenge is live from today (7th November). The deadline for its completion is Tuesday 19th November. The finish product will need to be presented and hopefully played in the lesson on the 19th. You can use the the double lesson on November 12th to work on this challenge, either in...

Assessment 1

The first assessment you will complete is based upon your study of Unit1. It's title is: "Explain the causes of Hitler's appeal to the German People" (12)   It is due:_____ September



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