Mock Exam - Life in Nazi Germany

07/01/2014 14:40

The GCE Mock Exam for History - Life in Nazi Germany will take place on Wednesday January 15th,

Revision Elective - F19 Monday 13th January 3pm.

Tuesday 14th January P4 - The Strength Through Joy Movement".

Tuesday 14th January P5 - Exam Skills - How to answer the questions!

Topics you should revise:

Hitler's consolidation of power: Chancellor to Fuhrer -  Legal and radical approaches, Enabling Act, Weakness of the Opposition, elimination of the SA, support of elite and army, the popular support of Hitler and the Nazis.

Propaganda and Mass Indoctrination - methods of propaganda, accepted art and culture, Goebbels and The MInistry of Enlightenment and Propaganda, the use of mass rallies, public spectacle, teh Triumph of Will, the importance of radio, the Strength Through Joy movement.