Kershaw's View on Volksgemeinschaft

Kershaw's View on Volksgemeinschaft

Here you will find the Challenge Sheet and the Success Rubric I will be using for the assessment:

Deadline is Tuesday 18th March.

Volksgemeinschaft Learning Challenge A3 Sheet.docx (148418)

Volksgemeinschaft SOLO assess rubric.docx (54613)


The exam question assessment is:

"How successful were the Nazis in creating a national community (Volksgemeinschaft) in Germany between 1933 and 1939?" (24)

Deadline - Tuesday 25th March.

Use all the information you have had in the study of this topic - lesson materials, sources, historian's views (including Kershaw but others as well), student presentations and your own research.

This is a learning mat which might be useful when structuring your answer: how-to-in-history.pdf (686230)