Lesson 1 - "Ubermensch"

Lesson 1 - "Ubermensch"

In lesson 1 we will explore the political thinkers and philosophers who influenced Hitler and the Nazi vision. Through this exploration it is hoped you will develop a conceptual framework to help explain where Hitler found his inspiration and how he connected with the ideals of ordinary Germans.

The thinkers we will examine are:

F. Nietzsche

J.G. Fichte

G. Ritter von Schonerer

J.G. Herder

H.S. Chamberlain

Unit 1-Lesson 0 - Introduction.pdf (3,5 MB)


Frederick Nietzsche.docx (25258)
Georg Ritter von Schonerer.docx (56558)
Houston Stewart Chamberlain.docx (51434)
Johann Gottfried Herder.docx (92072)
Johann Gottlieb Fichte.docx (79410)

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