In this area you will find information, help and useful links for your preparation and revision. - broad area of useful material on the Nazi State - a You Tube playlist about life in Nazi Germany for different groups. - how to answer source analysis questions - video tutorial - more revision and some audio files. - The Nazis: A Warning From History - extremely well respected documentary on the period. - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - 3 hours but can be broken down to cover the aspects of Nazi Germany you are interested in. - useful background information to the period. - The link to the AQA History site - allows access to past papers HIS2M - The Nazi Economy

Nazi Economic Policy 1933.doc (44032) = Economy - Guns not Butter = AS History presentation on the economy 1933-39 = women in Nazi Germany documentary - AS History - women, the young and education. - AS History - The National Community - Volksgemeinschaft - AS History - Nazi Germany during the War - AS History - Hitler's legal path to power. - History Channel - biography on Hitler - The Nazi economy - Nazis and the Churches - Hitler and the Church - Christianity in Nazi Germany




Revision Challenge


Here can be found a timeline summary ofthe major events from January 1933 to May 1945 Timeline 1933-45.pdf (220134)

Key Words

Here can be found a list of Key Words associated with the Nazi Period: Key Words A - C.pdf (322032) Key Words C - P.pdf (664731) Key Words P - Z.pdf (562163)  

Revision - Final Session

In this hotch-potch session we examine the elements of successful answers for the source based compulsory questions; we look at the final war years 1943-45 exploring propaganda, opposition and the impact on German morale. Revision - final session.pdf (7498490)

May 17th Revision Workshop

Revsion slides 1.pdf (6757262) Revision slides 2.pdf (2314661)   Here are the materials used during the Saturday Revision Workshop on May 17th. We covered Hitler's Consolidation of Power - Legal Revolution, Compromise and Terror. Source skills were also developed.   Revision session...

Revision Super Speed Dating

Here you can find the speed dating exam questions that we used in the revision session: Speed dating questions.docx (17832)

April 25th - Revision Workshop

Here are the materials that will be used in the first revision workshop on April 25th. The focus will be on exam paper/question skills:   Revision AS Workshop.pdf (7783564) Q1a ii.docx (710426) q1a.docx (26980) q1b.docx (1272927) q2.3a.docx (432116) q2.3b ii.docx (164803) q2.3b.docx...

Revision Challenge

Here is the lesson that discussed the topics and related 12 and 24 mark questions that have appeared on exam since Jan 2010. It also features the Revision Group challenge. AS Revision Challenge.pdf (7458187) active_revision_for_history_booklet.doc (4564480) Propaganda Revision document.docx...

Revision feedback

What would you like more help on? What have you used that you found useful?