Unit 3: Nazi Propaganda and Mass Indoctrination.

Unit 3: Nazi Propaganda and Mass Indoctrination.

In unit 3 we will examine how the Nazis used propaganda and mass indoctrination arguably more successfully than any other political organisation in History.

Topics will include:

  • the use of public spectacle - The Nuremburg Rallies and the 1934 Triumph of Will.
  • the use of the media, culture and education.
  • Goebbels and the creation of the Hitler Myth.
  • the content of propaganda.
  • the Olympic Games of 1936.
  • the invasion of the USSR and the impact of "Total War" on propaganda.


Lesson 1 - The Hitler Myth

In this lesson we will explore the nature of Hitler's relationship with the German People. How he became an ebodiment of Germany and intrinsically linked to it's destiny. We will investigate the creation of the Hitler Myth, it's credence and effects on the German people and Germany.   Lesson 1...

Lesson 2 - Methods of Propaganda Challenge

In this sequence of lessons you will work in small groups to produce a short presentation on one specific method of propaganda used by the Nazis to create the Nazi State. The challenge sheet is below: Learning Challenge A3 Sheet Propaganda.docx (2152475) Assessment rubric propaganda.docx...

Lesson 3 - Review of Assessment

In this lesson we will review your most recent assessment question, identifying common errors made by students. We will then reflect on our work and plan next steps in eliminating these errors in order to make progress next time. Lesson 3 - Assessment Review.pdf (5272386)

Lessons 4 and 5 - Evaluation of Triumph of Will

The 1934 award winning film - "Triumph of Will" by  Leni Riefenstahl chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more than 700,000 Nazi supporters. The film contains excerpts from speeches given by Nazi leaders at the Congress, including portions of...

Lesson 6 - Strength Through Joy

In this lesson we will explore the KdF - Strength Through Joy movement. We will examine its purpose within the Nazi State and evaluate its success.    Lesson 6 - Strength Through Joy.pdf (3920888) SOLO KdF I-I-I.docx (57929)