Unit 4: Nazi Organisation and Coordination of Society

Unit 4: Nazi Organisation and Coordination of Society

In this unit we will examine how the Fuhrer State was organised in order to create the Nazi Dictatorship. We will explore how the Nazis targeted specific groups and brainwashed, intimidated, manipulated, or eliminated them in order to create their "Volksgemeinschaft". 

Topics will include:

  • Youth - schools, Universities, the Hitler Youth and League of German Maidenhood.
  • Workers - the German Labour Front and Strength Through Joy.
  • Peasants - the policies of Darre.
  • The Churches.
  • The role of the SS SD and Gestapo in supressing opposition.
  • The extent of conformity and resistance by 1939.


Lesson 1 - The Nazis and the Churches

In this sequence of lessons we examine Hitler's public and private view upon religion and the future of Christianity in a Nazi Germany. We explore the response of the Nazis to the Churches - Control, Weaken and Destroy. We will examine how successful each of these policies were and the impact of...

Lesson 2 - Presentations

Here can be found the presentations produced by our awesome students on the Nazis and the Church. These will be of immense use during revision. Taebba's group.pptx (209528) Katie's Group pp.pptx (143061) Joel's Group.pptx (58856) Armandeep's Group.pptx (168805)  

Lesson 3 - Nazis and the Young

In this sequence of lessons we explore Hitler's aims for Germany's young and how the Nazis inculcated their values into the hearts and minds of German youth. We will explore the methods used by the Nazis and interogate whether they were ultimately successful. Lesson 3 - German Youth.pdf (243080)

Lesson 4 - How Successful was Nazi Youth Policy?

In this lesson we begin to develop our use of sources for question 1a and 1b through an examination of how successful the Nazi's youth policy was in achieving its aims Success of Hitler Youth.docx (143857) Lesson 4 - Success of Nazi Youth Policy.pdf (3391063)

Lesson 5 - Women in Nazi Germany

In this lesson we will explore the Nazi's views on the ideal German woman and her role within the planned "Volksgemeinschaft" .Lesson 5 - Women in the Nazi State.pdf (4851033) SOLO relational women in nazi germany.docx (153963)

Lesson 6 - The Success of Volksgemeinschaft

In this lesson we will review the aims of the Nazis for the key social groups of the Churches, the Youth, Women and Workers through "Strength Through Joy".We will interogate the evidence to reflect on the level of success the Nazis had in achieving their aims. The final part of this lesson will be...

Lesson 7 - Presentations on Kershaw's View on Volgemeinschaft

Here can be found handouts and student presentations on Kershaw's view regarding the success of Hitler and the Nazis in creating a Volksgemeinschaft in Germany 1933-39. Ayesha - volksgemeinschaft (1).doc (31744) Ayesha - Volksgemeinschaft.pptx (1153358) Thomas - Volksgemeinschaft.pptx...

Lesson 8 - Nazis and the Economy

In this lesson we willexamine the economic problems facing the Nazis when they took power in 1933. We will then explore the aims of Hitler for the German economy, his methods and whether he was successful in achievng them in the years 1933-39. Lesson 8 - Economic Miracle.pdf (4591761) HOT...

Lesson 9 - Resistance

In this lesson we examine the level of resisatnce to the Nazi Regime. We will examine factors which encourage and discourage opposition in general then focus this on our knowledge of Nazi Germany in order to predict what the character of resistance would be. We will investigate which groups...