Unit 5: Impact of War on the German People

Unit 5: Impact of War on the German People

In the final unit we will investigate how war impacted on the German People and their support for the Nazis and Hitler. This will take place in two parts: the period of unlimited conquest and victory 1939 - 41 and the period of defeat and destruction 1942 - 45.

Topics will include:

  • 1939 - 41: the changes to daily life and attitudes.
  • The Start of Total War
  • Defeat and Mass Bombings - 1943 - 45.
  • The State of Germany in 1945.


Lesson 3 - The War Years 1943 - 45: Mass Bombings

In this lesson we investigate the impact of the Allied Bombing Campaign on the lives of ordinary Germans, their attitude to the regime and the war itself .Lesson 3 - Mass Bombings 1943-45.pdf (3981819)

Lesson 2 - The War Years 1941 - 42: Invasion of the USSR

In this lesson we will examine the reasons for Hitler's decision to invade the Soviet Union in June 1941. We will explore the imapct of this new escalation in the war on the German daily life. Lesson 2 - Invasion of the USSR 1942.pdf (3875509)

Lesson 1 - The Years of Victory 1939-41

In this lesson we focus on the impact of the early years of the war on the German people's morale. The focus is on examining the key groups within German society. Lesson 1 - War Years 1939-41.pdf (5065366)